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I often get questions from clients about what to do when they have all the worries and negative thoughts coming to mind, and I recommend this process to them. The Cancel-Cancel Technique interrupts and erases a negative thought, making your subconscious receptive to a positive alternative.
For millennia, we’ve known about the power of our mind and its ability to influence our lives. That is why reprogramming yourself mentally—consciously and subconsciously—is so important. Positive thoughts can change the course of your life. Basically, you need to create a mental detox practice.
Not ready to forgive them yet? I truly understand this feeling. Forgiveness is not easy. When someone hurts you, holding anger, resentment, and thoughts of revenge toward them often feels like getting even. Unfortunately, this hurts you more than the person you intend to hurt.
Physical manifestations of mental states are not a fabrication of your imagination. Our bodies always respond to the pain of our hearts and our running “Monkey Mind.” If we learn to listen to our bodies, we can discover what bothers us mentally and emotionally.
A happier and healthier person needs a good self-care routine and ways to nurture yourself. So, how do you fit more of what you love into your day when building a career, caring for children or elderly parents, and running errands on a busy schedule?
This method is helpful for couples in love who start to feel that they have begun to emotionally depend on each other, get into conflicts, and so on. It is also useful for married couples who are ready for divorce or are currently suffering through one.
Desire pain relief without the pharmaceuticals? This article is for you! I highly recommend hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, yoga Nidra, energy work like Reiki or polarity, yoga, holistic nutrition, supplements, essential oils…
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