Connect With Your Body to Relieve Stress
Connect with your body
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We all have experienced an emotionally upsetting or stressful day. The accumulated emotions of those days spoil the mood of the evening, prevent us from quickly falling asleep, and affect the quality of sleep the following morning. And it’s not always possible to determine the cause of the worries and stress and eliminate them.

All these emotions and stresses remain in our body, and to achieve tranquility, one must also act through the body.

1. Immersion in the body

The easiest way is to lie down and completely relax, but if the situation is neglected, it will not always be easy to achieve from the first time. Don’t impose relaxation – just listen to how your body feels – where the pain, tension, and pleasant fatigue are.

2. Discharging heaviness

The heaviness stuck deep inside the body requires a discharge. 

If you have seen small children “kicking” lying on their backs, it will not be difficult for you to repeat. You can combine these movements with the screams or yelling of “No!” and “Why?”. It helps to relive the suppressed feelings and release them.

3. The ‘Smiling Buddha Technique”

The Taoists are credited with the “Smiling Buddha” technique, which aims to achieve peace and happiness. 

The smile of the Buddha should not be created by the facial muscles; it should appear from the inside. Close your eyes, try to calm down, and feel how the corners of your lips fill in with heat and spread out.

In order not to “get sick” from sadness, grief, or over-stress, you need to know well what your body is reacting to and how. This relationship can also be developed.

Holistic techniques to relieve stress

1. Write a “letter to your body”. What do you think about it, how do you feel about it, and what are you planning to change? Switch to another place, read the letter, and write the answer. The results will allow you to discover a lot about how you really feel about yourself.

2. There is a reason that we want to scream when we are angry and cry if we feel heavy and sad. Voice therapy suggests feeling the body through the extraction of sound.

You can not only sing with your vocal cords but try to “let out” a voice from the chest, abdomen, thighs, and ankles. Help yourself with the movement of your hands.

The legendary Russian opera singer Fedor Chalyapin admitted that his whole body ached after complicated performances, including his feet. With regular training, you can learn to force out pain and relieve stress with your voice.

3. One of the exercises of dance therapy is the dance of body parts. Individual hands, heads, stomachs, shoulders, and legs must be moved separately. At the end of the dance, determine which part of the body was the hardest for you to dance with.

If this is a head, the problems are related to the speed of decision-making; the thighs signify blockages with sexuality, and the knees represent the desire to move forward.

Holistic health care includes both disease prevention and timely access to doctors. However, you can prevent many difficulties after properly studying your body, how it feels, how it reacts to stress and worries, and how to act on it. In many cases, you will not need drugs at all.

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