Private Sessions

Inga Tara | Self-Mastery Vortex

I provide two options for private sessions: monthly sessions or standalone sessions.

Signature Transformation Program (12 months of 1:1 sessions – once per month)
I am honored to work with individuals dedicated to their personal growth by committing to monthly sessions for one year. I have witnessed them manifest miracles in their lives and relationships and achieve profound healing. There are a limited number of available spots each year, and interested individuals must submit an application here and commit to the entire year. The price for each session in this program is $170 per month.

Standalone Coaching Sessions (1:1 sessions as a part of a three or 5-session package)
Due to my teaching, travel, and coaching commitments, I have limited availability for one-off individual sessions. Booking individual sessions must be completed via my online booking system. The cost per 90-minute session is $195. Payment is required in advance for online sessions at the time of booking.

Your first introductory session will begin with a brief discussion about your current situation, focusing on what is not working in your life and how you want it to be. It can include relationship challenges, emotional or physical issues, feeling trapped in certain situations, depleted energy, stress, recurring negative patterns, grief, loss, and more.

You may purchase a one-time introductory coaching session or a package of 3 or 5-sessions. 

After the first couple of sessions and coaching with Inga I started getting better and feeling better everyday. Inga showed me certain techniques that I incorporated into my daily life to balance my emotions and relationships much better. It’s definitely a learning expertise, and she does a great job showing you how to deal with your emotions and feelings.

She’s really professional, and she’s really good at teaching you how to do self-care and how important it is in our everyday life. Inga has definitely changed mine! I would highly recommend her as a life coach and hypnotherapist.

– Elena,
Santa Barbara, California

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