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Imagine You Have It All…
A Deep Self-Love and Fulfilling Spiritual Life
The Love of a Caring Partner

You may long to achieve true love with another, but something always gets in the way…
Perhaps you push partners away… or attract those who don’t meet your needs.
Maybe heartbreak and disappointment have left you feeling flawed and undeserving of love.
You have built a protective wall around your heart, making it difficult to get close to anyone.
You’re afraid of being hurt again.

You may find yourself in one unrewarding or hurtful relationship after another.
It’s an endless cycle of unfulfilled love, reinforcing the belief that happiness for you in love is an elusive dream.

But, deep down, a glimmer of hope remains – a yearning for a connection that will heal past wounds and restore your faith in

having true love with another.

So, how can you break free from the trauma of the past?
How can that spark of hope ignite a transformation from despair to happiness?
The answer lies in genuinely accepting and loving yourself wholeheartedly.

Self-Love: The Path to True Love with Another

Finding a deep, lasting love is not due to chance. It’s achieved by those who live a deep spiritual life. Those with a strong sense of self-worth, know themselves and their desires, and have attained self-mastery over their lives.

How do I know this?

Because I’ve been where you are now.

I searched tirelessly for love and happiness, only to end up disillusioned over and over.

It was only when I took a deep hard look at myself that I came to a profound realization:

The obstacles hindering my ability to create a loving relationship resided within me.

Thus, my spiritual journey toward healing began.

I created deep self-love by developing my spirituality, forgiving myself and others, and practicing gratitude. I mended the past by embracing meditation and other transformative counseling and healing practices.

I am overjoyed to share that I’ve now spent 18 years with my husband. Our journey has not been without challenges, but we’ve built a rock-solid foundation rooted in profound love and devotion to one another.

My Coaching and Healing Expertise Will Help Guide You on the Path of Healing and Self-Love, Paving the Way to Truly Give and Receive Love

During my life coaching sessions with Inga, I had huge breakthroughs. She helped me break free from self-doubt and step into my power. One of the insights I gained was that I need to be kind to myself and love myself. Inga was not only able to address physical issues but also helped me with my stress in life. Inga is a wealth of information. I always feel at ease during our sessions, and I enjoy her professionalism and her great energy. So, if you’re serious about finding work-life balance and improving your life today, Inga Tara is the person who can help you get there.

– Irina Lidforss,

Boston, Massachusetts

Hi, I’m Inga.

In addition to my personal journey, I’m an experienced coach and healer trained in meditation and several scientifically proven counseling methods and hypnotherapy. I am a nurturer by nature and invest deeply when working with clients. I’m committed to helping you succeed with your goals.

My Coaching Aims to Help You Achieve All What You Long For…


1:1 Coaching Sessions

Are you yearning for a more fulfilling life filled with love and meaningful relationships, reduced anxiety, and increased confidence to pursue your dreams? Look no further, as I am here to help you achieve just that!

Signature Transformation Program

Ready to dive into deep transformational work to create a lasting change? For the woman who understands that true freedom comes from a deeper understanding and love for oneself, this is the ultimate destination to explore.

Online Courses

Do you thrive on self-motivation and enjoy learning at your own pace? My online programs offer easy-to-apply, scientifically-backed tools and a supportive community that can make personal growth as fulfilling as spending time with your best friend.

– Suzy Francione,

Mesa, Arizona

Since I’ve been going to Inga, my life has greatly improved. I’m learning how to let go of many different emotions to forgive, love myself, set boundaries, and how not be a People Pleaser. I highly recommend you give Inga a try for any issues you may be struggling with. You’ll be stronger and well equipped to take on any challenge that life presents you.

Deep Inner Fulfillment and True Love are
Available to You…

My love and relationship coaching supports your quest for more balance, happiness, and abundance.

You can break free from negative patterns, thoughts, and emotions in our work together. Coaching can equip you with practical tools and strategies to nurture self-love, build joyful relationships, and enhance emotional well-being.

You can achieve happiness and have a life of more balance and abundance.

If you are ready to live a life of happiness, confidence, and spiritual fulfillment, find out more and join my The Art of Embracing You Coaching Program.

The coaching program focuses on helping you remove blocks to love and happiness. You’ll discover how to enhance your spiritual life, heal the past and develop deep self-love. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve self-mastery over all aspects of your life.

You can also contact me to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation if you’re interested in individual coaching.

Discover how my coaching can help propel you forward.

*Online Video Coaching is Available. Wherever you are in the United States or across the globe, I offer extensive experience providing Coaching via Zoom or Skype

Achieve Balance. Healing. Transformation.
Attention: Boost confidence, conquer self-doubt, and unlock self-assurance and success across all aspects of your life

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Guided Meditations

Improve your life and make time to enjoy the incredible benefits of meditating. Created by a clinical hypnotherapist, these guided healing meditations offer a combination of meditation power, Inga’s soothing voice, and beautiful music.

Destiny Cards

Numerology, Astrology, and the Science of the Cards are the universal language of numbers based on mathematical principles. By using numbers, the birthdays of individuals, and the numerics of our calendar to decode Universal information, we can understand the nuances of life itself, as well as the experience of each individual.

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