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It is your Life, your Love. Claim them!

Are You Happy?

Are you REALLY happy?…

  • In your love and relationship…
  • In your health and healing…
  • In your self-care and radical self-love…
  • In your spiritual journey and self-development…

The search for HAPPINESS is a universal goal of all people. We differ in WHERE we look for it. We are often trying to find it from the outside sources – love and relationship, partners, family, children, money, material possessions, fame, success, or career.

We are looking for the outside world to make us happy, whole and complete,

blaming people and situations for making us feel unhappy and wonder if this is the best our life will ever be. As a result, we exhaust our vitality, feel tired, exhausted, underappreciated, not loved or respected. We have no energy or desire to fully enjoy our lives. Further, the loss of energy leads to illnesses and our devastation, depression and total unhappiness.

The solution to this is that rather than looking outside, fixating on what is not working in your life and trying to change the external circumstances, we need to start by looking within yourself, changing our attitudes and state of mind, and finding the source of peace, happiness and love inside us.

And this is where a relationship life coach, holistic health practitioner and certified clinical hypnotherapist Inga Tara can help.

What’s a life coach? It’s like a personal trainer for the soul, a business partner who’s only agenda is your own happiness and who can help in different areas of your life.


If you are Looking for Happiness and Love, you will Find it!

If you have Found Happiness and Love, you will Find even More!

Meet a Happy Life, Healthy Love Coach Inga Tara

What is Hypnotic Coaching by Inga Tara

“Thank you so much, Inga! My daughter accomplished more in one session with you than she has in over three years of traditional therapy and seems to have been transformed in less than a couple of days. I can’t wait to see how much she progresses as she continues her sessions with you!”

S. W., Phoenix, AZ

Happiness, Love, Healing…

Healthy Relationships

In love and relationship…

As women, we are responsible for creating safety, security, and stability for ourselves and when we feel that any of those areas are lacking, we feel unhappy and unloved, betrayed, angry, resentful or unfulfilled. We can feel alone and incomplete if we don’t have a loving partner or our current relationship are not fulfilling.

Regardless of the partner you are with or the circumstances you face,

you are never alone on your journey!

Inga Tara have been through many painful relationships and periods of instability in her life. She had walked a path of self-discovery and extensive study to understand how to find peace and balance within, create the love life she desired, and guide others on their journey towards happiness and abundance in life and in love.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, in her sessions Inga helps women remove blocks to happiness by healing emotional traumas caused by past failed relationship using the power of the subconscious mind and relationship advice for women.

Healthy Relationships

In health and healing…

It is difficult to stay happy if you are in physical pain or have an illness. But the disease does not arise by itself – it comes from the mind. Disease is a reflection of what is happening in your inner world – in your thoughts, feelings and emotions. If we live in fears, having depression, constant stress, negative thoughts and emotions inside us, it eventually spreads out into the physical body in a form of the physical pain and illnesses.

 When we get sick, our soul, mind and body require change.

Only you can heal yourself. No one else will do it for you. This is a personal journey of self-knowledge and spiritual evolution. The model of psycho-spiritual healing offered by the soul reminds us: if thoughts are sick, then the body gets sick. The only way to heal them is to change your thinking.

Inga uses a holistic health coach mindset to understand all aspects of your life – your past relationship, your childhood, your work, your nutrition and eating habits – and how they are each affecting your health and well-being. Using clinical hypnotherapy, life and nutritional coaching and various holistic techniques, she will help you release subconscious traumas and blocks, balance your mind, body and spirit and lead you in a guided meditation healing journey.

Create Happy Life and Healthy Love through

 Mindful Coaching and Healing Meditation

Love and Relationship Coaching by Inga Tara

Path to Health and Healing with Inga Tara

“When Inga discussed a hypnotherapy and her intuitive coaching approach with me, I was very skeptical. I decided “what can I lose? Let’s give it a shot”. After a few sessions, I am regaining my self-esteem. I have learned to love myself, establish healthy boundaries and how not to always be a People Pleaser. I highly recommend giving it a try for any issues that you may be struggling with. You will come out of it stronger and equipped to take on the challenges that life presents you with.”

Suzan F., Mesa, AZ

Know where you want to be, but don’t know how to get there?

 Open the Door to a Life of Love and Happiness!

Relationships are Mirrors and they reflect your Relationship with Yourself.

Healthy Relationships

In self-care and self-love…

When you learn to take care of yourself, practice self-love and self-acceptance, you experience a miracle that your life starts to improve. Because when you love and accept yourself, you no longer reject yourself, judge yourself, demean yourself, or disprove yourself.

Self-love and self-acceptance activates the Law of Attraction which allows happiness and abundance to manifest themselves in our lives. By putting yourself first and creating healthy boundaries, you can take better care of family, friends and community to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

“I Love Myself” is your new declaration!

In your coaching sessions and/or workshops with Inga, you will focus on the areas of self-acceptance, creation, authenticity, introspection, and self-care that you need most. That spiritual love affair with yourself will lead you to creating an inner harmony with yourself and the world around you and find your individual path to happiness.


Healthy Relationships

In spiritual journey and self-development…

When you become aware that achieving happiness and success in our external life only comes from mastering ourselves within, you understand the need to change our inner thoughts, beliefs, and attituded instead of trying to alter our external circumstances.

We are spiritual beings on the Earthy journey, and ultimately, it’s everyone’s own free will and responsibility to do it for themselves (within the frames of the individual karma and according to a spiritual laws). If we can master our inner state, we can master the universe and everything in it.

Once you know who you are, you will discover in yourself the profound strength, confidence and self-love, develop inner security and shift from fears to a flow of love.

Working with Inga, you will learn practical tools and exclusive techniques, special energy exercises and spiritual healing meditations to experience unconditional love in its full expression and become your most authentic self.

Then you will Experience the pure Joy, Happiness, and Success

that come from Being the Creator of Your Life.

Take Time for Self-Care and Self-Love with Inga Tara

Spiritual Journey of Self-Development with Inga Tara

“Working with Inga has been tremendously enjoyable experience. She is highly educated, talented and dedicated person. Applying these qualities to her guided imagery seasons in combination with her calm relaxing voice and overall demeanor brought great results. The 12 pounds weight loss and changed smoking habits are only a small benefit, comparing to many shifts in old negative attitudes and ways of seeing myself in life. I am feeling more self-assured and such a deeper sense of self love. Thank you, Inga, for a great gift, one that I did not quite anticipate”.

Natalie L., Scottsdale, AZ

Simple Definition of Happiness:

: a state of well-being and contentment
Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Definition of Relationship:

the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected

“During my mindful coaching sessions with Inga I had huge breakthroughs. One of the insights I gained was that I need to be kind to myself and love myself. Inga was not only able to address physical issues but also helped me with my stress in life. Inga is a wealth of information. During our nutrition coaching session I learned how to boost my immune system and energy. Inga recommended life-changing supplements and coached me on how to modify my diet to improve my health. I always feel at ease at our sessions and I enjoy her professionalism and her great energy. Thank you for all your help!”

Irina L., Boston, MA

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Change Your Life Through the Power of Your Mind!

“Inga is amazing; she hits the issue on the head and then gives you the lightbulb moment you need to help overcome it. I signed up for the hypnotherapy and mindful relationship coaching and I have not been disappointed with the results. Think it change, it has helped me with several things, it provides quick, targeted solutions and a first class and continuing support system.”

Olga A., Phoenix, AZ

Past relationships don’t equal Future relationships. Allow Inga to help you Create Your Happy Relationship!

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