How I Work

My Philosophy of Healing and Growth: How to Develop Self-Love and Attract Love into Your Life

We all desire happiness and love; the key to uncovering it lies within us.

On the one hand, the solution is elegantly simple: turn your gaze inward, shift your attitudes and mindset, and rediscover the sources of inner peace, joy, and love.

However, our lives are often dominated by the ego and conscious mind, causing us to overlook the profound spiritual truths that cause us to get disconnected from our true selves and others.

The transformative journey toward happiness and wholeness entails finding mental, physical, and emotional balance. To achieve this healing, you must release negative subconscious programming from your past and shed the limiting beliefs, values, and identities imposed upon you by parents, friends, and society during your formative years.

Healing requires forgiving others and yourself and being grateful for everything you already have. It’s essential that you also accept that you are the only one ultimately responsible for your happiness.

When you quiet your mind, listen to your intuition, and trust the Spirit and Universe (the God you understand), you can experience inner peace, more balance, and a profound sense of self-love, attracting more love and abundance into your life.

My Coaching Style: Compassionate, Intuitive and Active

Working collaboratively with you, I act as a guide and teacher.

I’m intuitive and see issues on a deep level that may not be within your conscious awareness. My intuition will guide us in our work as I ask and receive help from higher guides and masters so you can experience more love in your life.

Compassion and understanding are at the core of my work; I also offer suggestions and advice when needed.

My commitment to excellence drives me to invest deeply in our coaching relationship. My ultimate aim is to help you become the best version of yourself while fostering a profound love for yourself and others.

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Coaching Process and Healing Methods

My comprehensive training encompasses a wide range of healing modalities. The two main ones I use are clinical hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). These methods allow access to the conscious and subconscious, facilitating a profound transformative process.

While I use hypnotherapy and NLP to facilitate and jump-start the process of healing and transformation, I also teach many techniques for you to practice at home.

I encourage home-play exercises, including journaling, if you’re open to doing them. These exercises empower you to take ownership of your healing journey and enable you to integrate your learning into your daily life.

You’ll learn several holistic techniques, including the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), that you can practice independently to manage your emotions, maintain more life balance, experience greater self-love, and move forward with more ease in your life.

Our work begins by releasing negative emotions to help create a foundation on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Then, we move on to healing wounds, traumas, and inner child work.

Next, we focus on forgiveness, both of self and others, to heal your pain from the past. The goal is to build your self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-worth to create a deep self-love.

You’ll unveil your true identity, actualize your core beliefs and values, and discover what is fundamentally essential to you in life.

Ultimately, you’ll be empowered to have the courage to pursue your deepest desires, achieving more abundance and self-love as you attract more loving relationships into your life.

– Tami Sharp,

Mesa, Arizona

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The Art of Embracing YOU Coaching Program

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