Emotional Separation and Cutting Cords
Cutting cords
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Spiritual Healing: Cutting Cords and Reconnecting with Your Higher Self

As you progress in spiritual healing, you will find that it is sometimes easier to develop a connection with your “inner self” rather than with other people. At the same time, it will be easier to communicate clearly with others as well.

This advanced communication will allow you to understand your connection with everything in existence on a deeper level.

Many things have been said about us being energy beings and the importance of concentrating our own energy. I talk about it with my clients all the time and teach them some basic knowledge about energy in every class. I give it much attention to prepare you for this connection. By concentrating your energy, you can experience interconnection with everything around you while not losing yourself in the process.

Frequently, a strong emotional dependency can prohibit a person from distancing himself from another person emotionally or from processing loss. This dependency often leads to merging within a relationship, which makes them tense and can bring them to an end. Therefore, this method is helpful for couples in love who start to feel that they have begun to emotionally depend on each other, get into conflicts, and so on.

It is also useful for married couples who are ready for divorce or are currently suffering through one. In either case, the emotional independence and the feeling of freedom in the relationship always create a feeling of harmony in the couple and allow them to maintain balance.

This method could also be used to work on child-parent relationships if, for some reason, the separation process (meaning coming of age and emotionally separating the child from the parents) is difficult.

The Process of Emotional Separation

Find a calm, quiet place to dive into yourself for 15-20 minutes to go through this process.

Take a few deep breaths, relax, and throw away distracting thoughts.

Imagine that your contacts are a spider web. You are at the center of this web page.

Feel every cord, meaning every connection with a specific person. Try to see how strong it is. Do you really need this cord? Or does it come at a price? Is it difficult to bear? Does it prevent you from reaching your goals, and does it not bring anything good into the common web?

When you discover the connections you do not need, cut them off in your head. And then redirect the energy that was concentrated in them to strengthen the remaining connections, which will uncover new possibilities in front of you.

1. Define the other person.

Imagine the one on whom you consider yourself dependent or who overfills all your emotions. Most people will imagine a relative or a lover.

2. Feel that you are connected to this person.

Imagine that this person is standing next to you. If you do not see internal images, just “feel” and pretend this happens. Imagine touching this person, feeling his presence next to you. Analyze what you feel when you’re next to him. Pay special attention to the feeling of total connection with this person.

Now, take a look at what provides you with the feeling of this connection. Perhaps you feel that you are connected physically? Maybe it is a direct connection between your bodies, or maybe you are connected with a cord or in some other way?

Pay attention to the place where this connection is happening. Many people feel it in their stomach (gut feeling), chest, or groin. Fully sense this connection and analyze how it looks like and what you feel.

3. Temporary independence.

Now, try to break this connection even for a second. What do you feel? To do that, imagine your hand becoming as sharp as a razor and cutting off or breaking the connecting cord…

Most people feel highly uncomfortable with this part. It means that this connection has played a significant part in their lives. Right now, you don’t need to sever the connection just yet since you have not yet found a serious replacement. It is just another step in your process of spiritual healing.

4. Find a positive goal.

Ask yourself: “What do I really want from this person? Will it satisfy me?” Then ask yourself: “What benefit will this actually bring me?” Keep asking yourself this question until you reach the core of the answer. It may be a feeling of confidence, safety, security, love, or self-worth…

5. Develop your evolutionary “Higher Self.”

Now turn to the right (or left if you wish) and create a full 3D image of yourself, but a version of yourself that has surpassed your current level. This is still you, but you are the one who has surpassed you in development.

This Higher You can fix the problems you are currently facing. It loves and values you and wants to raise you up and protect you. It can give you what you want – what we found in the fourth stage.

You can pay attention to how your Higher Self moves, its facial expressions, and the sound of the voice. You can touch this image of your Higher Self to feel how it feels. It is a more advanced and experienced you.

If you cannot see yourself, try to feel it. Some people feel warmth or see the light surrounding their more improved double.

6. Transform the connection with the other person into the connection with the Higher Self.

Take another look at the person with whom you’re connected. See and feel the connection that exists between you two. Then, quickly cut the cord that connects you and quickly connect to your Higher Self. Or move the image of that person somewhere else and put your Higher Self in his place.

The new connection should look the same as the old one. Enjoy the feeling of dependency on someone on whom you can always rely: yourself. Thank your Higher Self for being here with you. From now on, you have a companion who will lead you into the future, guiding you on the road ahead and protecting you.

7. Respect for the other person.

Look back at the person with whom you were connected. Take a glance at the cords that you cut. Make sure that this person has the ability to restore this connection by attaching it to himself.

If the cord that connected you both reached out from his belly button, now imagine how it returns to his heart. If there were no connecting cords between you before, imagine that this person is connecting to his own evolutionary Higher Self, just like what happened to you right now. It will allow you to see and understand that this person also won from you cutting the cords between you, as he gained a fuller sense of his inner personality.

Feel how your relationship with him had benefited from this act as well.

8. Strengthening your connection with your Higher Self.

Now, once again, return to your evolutionary Higher Self, with whom you are now connected. Step into it and take a look at yourself from that position. Feel what it means to be creative, to appreciate yourself, and to belong to yourself.

After fully enjoying this new sensation, return to your rightful place, bringing this feeling with you.

9. Imagine the future.

Pay attention to what will change if you imagine the cords connecting you to other people are much more solid. Imagine how you are transporting yourself into the future, having your Higher Self as your companion. You can feel how your evolutionary Higher Self easily overcame the difficulties standing on your path.

There is no magic in this method, but there is significant power. Just believe that the best way to attract an individual is to give him full freedom.

This is important to remember for the jealous types, who are always trying to control their loved ones and are afraid of losing them. The strong fear of losing someone usually exists in people who have suffered through a separation from their parents in childhood or felt a lack of parental love, nurture, and warmth.

These people try to compensate for the lack of love and care in their lives through romantic relationships. Unfortunately, as a result, the excessively close emotional connections become tense and unbearable for both partners.

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