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It is your Life, your Love. Claim them!

Are you ready for an Amazing, Mindful Relationship?

What is keeping you from it now?

Many women struggle with feeling underappreciated, unloved, alone, disrespected, and unheard in their relationships. They often find themselves stuck in similar destructive and unhealthy relationship patterns, and wonder if this is the best their life will ever be.

Mindful relationships at their best are a source of stability, peace, growth, and deep joy.

Imagine a partner that gently encouraged your fullest expression, and allowed for the space to grow while offering the stability of consistent presence.

For many women, this is such a distant dream that it seems impossible to reach. The pathway to this dream is paved with mindful self-discovery, self-acceptance and radical self love. As a Healthy Relationship Coach, Inga Tara hopes to help women create mindful change through healing meditation and looking inward.

The reality of the relationship landscape of today’s culture is that emotionally abusive relationships are a norm, and overcoming codependency is daunting task. In her work with codependency recovery and mindful dating, Inga Tara has taken a powerful approach to teaching women about their own role in this cycle. By meeting trauma symptoms with spiritual healing, she continually opens the doorway to a fulfilling relationship with the self and the world.

Create loving, fulfilling, healthy relationship through

mindful guidance and healing meditation

The idea of mindfulness holds many different meanings. Overall, it represents a journey of self-discovery and self-love, and when in pursuit of a relationship, mindfulness allows you to find your truest expression of love. Inga Tara can help you begin to live the life of your dreams and discover your natural talents, femininity, harmony, and love. Each of us is individual and unique, and celebrating that individuality within a relationship creates the harmony that defines a positive partnership. When you become mindful in understanding who you are and what you want, you begin to live in a place where dreams become reality.

Inga Tara will lead you in guided meditation healing journey to create inner harmony and a spiritual love affair with yourself and the world around you as you strive to find your individual path to true happiness. She will support you with a powerful toolkit of holistic support to deepen your progress.

If you are ready to open yourself to a more satisfying and joyful life, gain distance from emotional pains of the past, grow your sense of abundance and gratitude, and create an amazing mindful, lasting, and fulfilling relationships in your life, join Inga Tara on this journey and allow her to be your mindful guide.

“When Inga discussed her mindful guiding approach with me, I was very skeptical. I decided “what can I lose? Let’s give it a shot”. After a few sessions, I am regaining my self-esteem. I have learned to love myself, establish healthy boundaries and how not to always be a People Pleaser. I highly recommend giving it a try for any issues that you may be struggling with. You will come out of it stronger and equipped to take on the challenges that life presents you with.” Suzan F., Mesa, AZ

Love, Insecurities and Codependencies

What is Mindful Relationship Guiding by Inga Tara

How Healing Meditation Can Help Your Relationship
“During my mindful coaching sessions with Inga I had huge breakthroughs. One of the insights I gained was that I need to be kind to myself and love myself. Inga was not only able to address physical issues but also helped me with my stress in life. Inga is a wealth of information. During our nutrition coaching session I learned how to boost my immune system and energy. Inga recommended life-changing supplements and coached me on how to modify my diet to improve my health. I always feel at ease at our sessions and I enjoy her professionalism and her great energy. Thank you for all your help!” Irina L., Boston, MA

Know where you want to be, but don’t know how to get there?

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Open the door to a life of love and happiness!

As a Mindful Relationship Guide, Inga helps women create successful, loving and long-lasting relationship and teach them holistic tools and techniques to create a more fulfilling love life.

Mindful dating and relationship coaching puts you in touch with your deepest wishes, desires, and goals, and keeps them in focus as you enter into a new world of possibilities. By working with a relationship coach who is invested in your success and who can teach you practical mindful techniques, you can actually begin to alter your existing negative relationship patterns, healing from emotional abuse and create space for a new, healthy love relationships to form.

Inga’s mindful guiding is designed to work with those who are single as well as those in relationships. In a single world, she helps women to find their life partner and for those in existing relationships, she helps to erase disharmony and create happiness in a current partnership.

“Working with Inga has been tremendously enjoyable experience. She is highly educated, talented and dedicated person. Applying these qualities to her guided imagery seasons in combination with her calm relaxing voice and overall demeanor brought great results. The 12 pounds weight loss and changed smoking habits are only a small benefit, comparing to many shifts in old negative attitudes and ways of seeing myself in life. I am feeling more self-assured and such a deeper sense of self love. Thank you, Inga, for a great gift, one that I did not quite anticipate”. Natalie L., Scottsdale, AZ

Simple Definition of Mindful:

: aware of something that may be important
Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Definition of Relationship:

the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected

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Your partner is your reflection. Everything you find in him, in some way is in you.

“I Love Myself” is your new declaration!

Mindfulness is the key to achieving the acceptance and love that are present in truly fulfilling relationships. Through her individual mindful relationship guidance sessions and online coaching, mindfulness training’s, clinical hypnotherapy, meditation classes, workshops and webinars, Inga Tara enables women to become more feminine, more confident, more successful, more sexual, and recognize their individual value and power.

Her techniques help to remove the barriers that stop our natural flow of feminine energy. It is this energy which allows happy and fulfilling relationships to manifest themselves in our lives. Inga’s  mission is to help you reveal your feminine essence, to create an inner harmony with yourself and the world, and to find your individual path to happiness.

“Inga is amazing; she hits the issue on the head and then gives you the lightbulb moment you need to help overcome it. I signed up for the hypnotherapy and mindful relationship coaching and I have not been disappointed with the results. Think it change, it has helped me with several things, it provides quick, targeted solutions and a first class and continuing support system.” Olga A., Phoenix, AZ

Past relationships don’t equal Future relationships. Allow Inga to help you Create Your Perfect Relationship!

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